Admdiring the staff for good services

I write this letter to admire and compliment the 514 bus staff who serviced the customer on Wed 21 at around 14.50 from Silom to Minburi market. They dida their job very well, taking care of customers. The driver did not drive fast and picked the people up every bus stop. It really impressed me. Especially,the bus conductor did her duty fully. She said hello to every customer coming to bus and looked after them friendly. Moreover,she informed the bus stop name politely. I noticed that since I took the bus, she never sit on the seat though there are seats enough. I would like your company to give some compliment and rewards to them like giving them as an example of staff in order to be the role model for the others. I would like to thanks them. They made my journey smooth and wanna go back to take this bus again. Your sincerely, Thitiyaporn

Dear users                                 BMTA acknowledged the matter Thank you very much And submit your matter to the responsible agency Conducting a publication of compliments for morale and being a good role model in the performance of employees. And further improve the service                                                               Thank you for using the service.